Assorted Images from 1st Season Episodes

Ron Perlman as Clay Morrow


PILOT Episode - Aired: September 3, 2008

'SEEDS' (episode 2) - Aired: September 10, 2008

Clay with stepson, Jax

Clay and Gemma

'FUN TOWN' (episode 3) - Aired: September 17, 2008


'AK-51' (episode 6) - Aired: October 8, 2008

'CAPYBARA' (episode 11) - Aired: November 12, 2008


'THE SLEEP OF BABIES' (episode 12) - Aired: November 19, 2008

Clay and Tig


'THE REVELATOR' (episode 13) Final episode of 1st season - Aired: November 26, 2008

Clay's Bike


Clay’s Bike: As club president he is king and his bike reflects it. Everything on his bike is new. And with an incredibly high dollar paint job, it glistens. The artwork on the tank has the Reaper, the club’s insignia, as well as the SOA rocker above and California rocker below. His is the only bike to incorporate all three. As President, his artwork, like his job, is all encompassing…

The Cut

The “cut” is SOA’s uniform. It’s a leather jacket (though originally denim) with the collar and sleeves cut off, giving it a vest-like shape and then adorned with very specific club patches. The cut and patches together are also known as the club’s “colors.”

For MC members, cuts are the ultimate symbol of their dedication to the club — the brotherhood that they cherish above all else. They are sacred. The patches always remain property of the club itself, not the individual member. They are passed on through generations of members. Only members are allowed to wear a club’s colors.

On the front of the cut there’s a charter patch that reads: REDWOOD ORIGINAL. This is the SOA charter our guys belong to. When John Teller (Jax’s father) and Piney Winston founded SOA in 1967, they named their charter “Redwood” because, at the time, they had no official home. Also, notice the “First 9” patch, only worn by the first original nine members of the club. Today only Piney and Clay (now club president) wear them. There are also other patches of merit proudly displayed on the front. Clay’s cut has both his patch of rank “President,” as well as his “First 9.”

On the back, each cut has a three-piece patch: the club logo in the center, with one patch on top and one on the bottom that are crescent-shaped and known as the rockers. SOA’s logo is A GRIM REAPER, who holds a crystal ball showing the anarchist “A” in one hand, and a Scythe in the other that has the body of an M-16. The rockers have blue letters with white background. The upper rocker reads: SONS OF ANARCHY. The lower reads: CALIFORNIA.

The bike and 'cut' photos and info above are from the SOA Production Blog


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