Directed by Nelson McCormick

Ron Perlman .... Frank Brodie
Mark Kiely .... Scott Davis
Roxana Zal .... Tara Matthews
Kimberlee Peterson .... Kelsey Cunningham
Guillermo Ríos .... Eddie Mendoza
Richard Fancy .... Deutsch
Julian Sedgwick .... Stan Kovacs
Jimy Hefner .... Pilot
Bruno Danza .... Captain

Writing credits:
Michael Thoma


Filming Locations:
Ixtapa, Guerrero, Mexico.
Morelos, Mexico.
Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico

Genre: Sci-Fi

Distributors: Paramount Television

Plot Summary:
The locals said that the small tropical island of San Miguel was cursed. But Frank Brodie (Ron Perlman) is the only man alive who knows the truth about a disastrous experiment in mutant animal genetics that gave the place its legacy of fear and left him a brooding reclusive drunk. An experiment that created something more than animal, less than human and with only one need. The need to kill.

Ten years later, when a plane crashes on the island, Scott Davies (Mark Kiely) mounts a high tech mission to rescue the survivors with no idea of the terror they will have to face. But Brodie knows that he has to go back. Maybe it's time for him to right some wrongs. Or maybe it's just a way to stop the nightmares...

* * *

Movie Stills

A campfire tale
"These are fearless warriors. The Kalahari bushmen admired them for their strength. The Egyptians worshipped them for their intelligence. The Greeks just called them 'Evil'…."

Inside the compound

The group decide to put their plan into action


"Hey, you son of a bitch! Remember me? Cos I sure as hell remember you!"